Bastet’s Photo Shadorma Prompt – October 11, 2014

Good Morning!

This morning I thought we’d visit one of my favorite impressionists, Vincent Van Gogh.  We all know something about his tragic life and most of us have seen at least one of his paintings.  This morning I’ve chosen two which you can choose from to write this week’s shadorma.


The first is one of my favorites and was painted in 1888, the second I’d never seen – it can be found at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – it was painted in 1887.  I found them on the Italian section of Wikipedia dedicated to a list of paintings by the master … you can click here for more paintings and their discriptions.  It was interesting for me to note that if you click on the pages in other languages, the selections of paintings change.  Have fun looking at the works of this great artist!


The shadorma is created in the following fashion:  it’s a 6-line poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5  syllables per lines respectively.  Here’s my example using the second painting:


Van Gogh - la courtisane
Van Gogh – la courtisane


the courtesan peeks
at the blooms
in the spring
slowly like gentle snow flakes
cherry blossoms fall

(c) G.s.k. ’14

You can use the photos to inspire you to write a poem or choose one of your own.  Not interested in either the Shadorma or poetry but you like the photo and feel inspired?  No problem … go for it!

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Have fun and have a great week!  Bastet



    • Glad you enjoyed … I also had a full day yesterday … and now who’s going to be able to catch up on her friends endeavors? 😉 have a nice Sunday.


    • Hi Suej … the shadorma prompts are just a way to introduce shadorma .. in fact there’s no reason why you have to write about the photos I use, I thought I’d written that in the prompt itself … you’re always welcome to link if you wish to do so! 🙂


    • Seems I can’t comment on your post page and hope this gets to you. The shadorma is lovely and I’m so happy you wrote it in French too … the language of love! 🙂


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