Fairytale Prompt #25

It is fairytale prompt time, so wake up our sleeping beauties, and let’s take a walk on the dark side.

I have brought up in previous prompts, about the true dark nature of many beloved fairytales. I am going to do it once more. I think they are fabulous creative prompts, as well I love to share things that some people may not know about.


Did you know that was truly a dark and bloody tale? Poor girl didn’t even have a godmother to guide her. She would often go pray to a tree she planted by her mom’s grave. That is also the spot she finds 3 dress for the ball under the tree, but she still receives help from birds, not mice.

Oh that shoe….she didn’t lose it rushing away at midnight. The Prince caused that to happen. When the Prince did try to find who belonged to the shoe, one of the stepsisters actually cuts off her toe, and part of her heal to fit into the slipper. A dove alerts prince of the blood within the shoe, so her secret is revealed.

Finally at Cinderella’s wedding, the stepsisters arrive to “show support”, but they are met with birds who peck the stepsisters’ eyes out. Karma?

Today’s prompt is to allow the dark side come out a bit. Be inspired to allow your mind to embrace the way fairy tales used to be.

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