Fairytale Prompt #24

Before I unveil the fairytale prompt for this week I want to say thank you to the lady behind this entire site.  A couple of times I have had to email her in the morning letting her know I wasn’t able to write a prompt and she did it for me with no complaints. I have been very busy with work and school that sometimes even sitting for 15 minutes to write a prompt can be too much. Thank you so much, my friend, and I made sure to stay away for this weeks.

This weeks prompt is an image. I think my sleep deprivation has me longing to be in this picture. Unfortunately that is not how it works so I will just admire the painting and allow you all to create a story to go with it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.02.27 PM


After you have written your tale, please add a link to your blog through Mr Linky below (this time I remembered to add this option) and go back and read what some of our other talented people have written.

As always write what your heart desires and do no worry about the “rules” of a fairytale. Here we are all about experimenting with new ideas or maybe staying comfortable with what we know. Whatever you want just enjoy and enjoy other pieces of work.



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