Fairytale #23

A World of Tears

Prince K

Today’s prompt is “Internal Conflict” it is up to you whether or not you want to explore the hero or villain’s psyche for this. Go deep, explore the demons and the mental/emotional barriers your chosen archetype faces in the completion of their personal quest. Be sure to identify their goals! You can even explore their feelings for one another perhaps they are siblings who took opposing routes? Perhaps father and son? Mother and daughter? Man and wife? Childhood friends? Childhood rivals? Teacher and student?


  1. Really interesting prompt – leaves much to work with, although I have to say, I took a rather odd route this time, lest there be too much bloodshed in my words.


    • I love what you did with the prompt! Graphic entries are permitted whether they have to deal with sex, violence, or something else. There’s no rating restriction. If you do submit something X-rated or particular violent/dark just make a note at the top of your entry.

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      • Thanks for the info. —- duly noted.

        At the time, it would have been more a question of my being absolutely vindictively evil and cruel – using words as intense weapons – and I just needed to vent my rage and despair in a different way – hence I viciously attacked and hacked the garden to bits.


      • Actually, it was more an idea that if I left it all fly, it would have left *me* feeling ugly – not that ugly is a bad thing, when necessary, but it was just all too much for me to make anything coherent out of it – so – inspiration struck from a completely different angle. Which is okay. Surprises me – and makes me laugh. I would never have expected this from or of myself in the past.


      • I was very angry yesterday and when I sat down to write I too was faced with that ugliness so I took a different route. I wrote something short and sharp rather than let myself get caught up indefinitely in a pitiful monologue. I was able to express it without being swallowed up and although I didn’t produce anything spectacular it was still important somehow

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      • I think that’s where writing can be cathartic — the end result isn’t necessarily the complete outcome of the process – but rather, a means and ways of letting things out – especially when faced with extreme emotions.

        As for spectacular — emotions – especially the uglier ones, may produce pieces that never see the light of day, so to speak, but sometimes, with time away, there may be elements that resonate and can be worked into different pieces, lending a truth and credibility to words arranged differently and for different reasons.

        At any rate, I’m sorry that you too very having an anger filled day – but am glad that you let it all out, in your own way. I often do the same – rant like a complete lunatic, in a personal journal – this usually helps diffuse some of the high emotions, at least a small bit.

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      • For me writing has been absolutely essential in keeping sane (well not completely sane but more sane haha) it helps be process and understand my experiences and emotions (I am a very sensitive person with very strong emotions), it is my way of translating. I used to throw out poems when I was unsatisfied with the direction or outcome not anymore because those poems represent a place where I am stuck and by working through that I have at times produced my best work. I don’t even believe in writer’s block anymore I think of it more like growing pains and that it is sign that you are about to expand


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