Prompt #69 “A Dream Come True?”

Fowl & frock

Miss Aniela

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? As an adult do you still have an impossible dream tucked inside your heart?

This week I want you to imagine your life if that dream came true

Here are some things to consider

How would your life be different?

Would you have children?

A spouse?

What about your living situation?


If your dream involves/includes the acquisition of wealth, status or power (perhaps even supernatural) how might that effect your personality and relationships?

Would power corrupt you?

Would living in the public eye elevate or destroy you?

What type of coping mechanisms might you develop to cope with the pressures of this alternate reality?

What coping mechanisms/bad habits do you currently possess that might be circumvented in different circumstances?

Would you feel better or worse about yourself?

Is the career you’ve chosen meaningful? Would it fulfill you?

How does this new career path alter and effect your free time?

How does this new career path alter people’s perception of you?

Does this career give you a sense of belonging or does it isolate you?


Your dream need not be realistically possible


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