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Fairytale #22

Hags Final

Brian LeBlanc

This week it’s all about the Oracle!

In the myth of Perseus the young hero goes to the Graeeae searching for a means to slay Medusa (a little coercion is necessary to loosen their tongues). In the story of Oedipus, King Laius attempts to thwart his fate by leaving his infant son to die. His actions, however, seem to bring about precisely the future he’d hoped to prevent. Is fate malleable? To what degree? How often we destroy ourselves in an effort to avoid an undesired outcome. In a fairytale any character may employ an Oracle the hero, the hero’s parents, the villain. Sometimes oracles are sought at great peril. Sometimes they simply appear, a cryptic and sometimes insignificant seeming messenger.

Oracles are often depicted as crones and in many stories they are nightmares incarnate. A testament, if any, to our intense fear of the unknown.

As always I leave the interpretation of the prompt up to you the only thing I ask is that you describe the oracle vividly.

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  2. hitandrun1964
    August 22, 2014

    The women laughed
    and stirred their brew
    tired of being held down
    tired of their power being ignored
    tired of being kept in the dark
    they took the men
    one by one
    made a thick fertilizer
    six turns one way
    nine turns the other

    the next summer
    the flowers were beautiful
    and the crops grew high
    and the women
    were free


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