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Heading Haiku With HA

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Vladimir Fedotko

Anmol is in the process of a move and does not have internet service yet. This week I am giving you a photograph for inspiration. When I look at this photo I see a beautiful poised woman, waiting for guests that will never arrive. The drawing behind her suggests impatience and the sad clock a kind of devastation. The kitten might represent youth or perhaps loneliness/a need for attention, since she is ignoring the kitten may be she has taken the people in her life for granted (hence their absence). Or maybe she has neglected “fun”. I could look at this all day and come up with interpretations. Your job is to write about whatever aspect of the photo that you find inspiring whether it is beauty, aging, youth, parties, impatience etc.

About mindlovemisery

Music: PJ Harvey, Radio Head, Fleetwood Mac, David Usher/Moist, Johnny Cash, Portishead, Damien Rice (basically I am a 90s kid I like alternative, grunge, Industrial and other types of metal, oldies, punk, rock etc.) Authors: Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, Edmund White, Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carrol, Jeff Noon, etc. Movies: A Clock Work Orange, Fight Club, House of Flying Daggers (I like a lot of cult movies, horror, comedy, drama, I don't like action and fantasy is terrifying lol) Philosophical Beliefs: Buddhism, Daoism, Shintoism (before it changed under Nationalism), The Transcendent Order Favorite Video Game: Planescape Torment What I do: read, write, yoga, pilates, weight-lift, walk, study philosophy and psychology, dance like a crazy person, paint, dream etc. Qualities: stubborn, sarcastic, teasing, playful, open, flirtatious, eccentric, passionate, forgetful, open-minded.

11 comments on “Heading Haiku With HA

  1. Bastet
    August 13, 2014

    interesting haiku prompt …

    • mindlovemisery
      August 13, 2014

      Thanks Georgia with the haiku prompts I always get the feeling I make them sound harder/more intimidating than they are. This is a very simple one but alas I always make it sound like I want all the answers to life and death or something.

      • Bastet
        August 13, 2014

        Prompts in general don’t seem to be easily written … I think this photo says a lot and you just brought some of the points up .. 🙂

      • mindlovemisery
        August 13, 2014

        Thanks Georgia they are tricky to word

      • Bastet
        August 14, 2014

        They sure are…

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  5. Cheryl-Lynn
    August 15, 2014

    Your photos are always so inspiring!

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