Tale Weaver’s Prompt #19 Birth of the Messiah

This week I want you to write about the birth of a child with special abilities and a unique destiny. This child can be a prophet, a heroic figure, or the devil incarnate. The birth can be lavishly heralded, shrouded in occult mysticism, accompanied with tragedy, carried out in secret etc. You can base your story on known mythologies or make it completely original.


I once had a very long and involved dream on this topic. Forgive the write up I wrote this down years ago and unfortunately the dream was never concluded. You do not have to write about my dream (though you can conclude it if you like) this is just for illustrative purposes and it functions as my entry simultaneously.

The Black Church is a religious cult whose stated aim is to prevent the Apocalypse. The leader of the cult, known simply as Onyx prophesies that a child will be born on the 13th month and that this child will either be the messiah or the anti-Christ.


After some divination the church locates the soon-to-be parents. Onyx approaches the couple personally even though he is never seen in public, such is the severity of the situation. The couple is understandably suspicious and taken aback as neither one of them have ever heard of The Black Church. The couple struggled to conceive and refuse the church’s proposition that their son should be raised by Onyx to ensure a favorable outcome. The soon-to-father believes the group is dangerous, a fanatical cult and he doesn’t want them anywhere near his wife and child. Scared that his wife might miscarry if stressed he threatens that if they come near his family again he will call the police. The soon-to-be-mother is deeply tormented by the church’s prediction because she believes she was blessed with her son after having preyed to the Devil in a final act of desperation.


By the date of the delivery the expectant mother has made herself nearly hysterical with worry and refuses to give birth. She holds out until the doctors are forced to perform an emergency cesarean. The baby is not a human baby, he has one black eye and one blue eye, ram horns, pointed ears, and a scar that wraps around much of his body; he’s both beautiful and terrifying. Yet despite how strange he is there have been other babies in recent years born with such anomalies but none quite so exceptional and striking as their sons. When the new mother awakes she confesses her sin to her husband saying that they have to give the baby up or kill it, because it’s quite obviously of the devil. Having already named and held his son (Shion) the new father refuses, he insists that they should move and raise the child in a loving home, he reminds his wife that the prophecy states that their son has a fifty percent chance of becoming a savior.


The couple buy a farmhouse in the Midwest, and begin life fresh. Shion is a strange child from the start observant, perceptive to the point of appearing psychic, intelligent, obedient and extremely polite/formal but despite his exemplary behavior his mother can never shake the feeling that there is something wrong with him. Eventually she has to be institutionalized and Shion’s father raises his son as a single parent. He does everything he can to instill in Shion a good moral character but despite his best efforts his son does not appear to have a sense of morality. As a teenager Shion expresses no interest in girls or socializing. He seems content to simply observe, never extending a hand to harm or hurt. His school performance is impeccable and yet the youth appears to take no pleasure in his accomplishments.  When he’s about sixteen Shion’s mother is finally well enough to return home but she refuses to be around her son.  Shion’s father sets him up with a job and an apartment in another town and tells him that he must never come near them again. Shion keeps the promise. Years go by and at around twenty-one he ceases aging, his parents die and quietly from afar he observes their funeral first his father and then shortly after his mother. All this time The Black Church is searching for him though many of the original members have died; Onyx has not, for like Shion, he was also born on the 13 month (of another century) a secret he’s kept from the church.

(Shion’s blue eye can see into the future, his black one into other dimensions)


  1. Wow — what a dream. You are a story teller, awake or asleep. Perhaps you could write an awake conclusion as I wonder what becomes of Shion and Onyx.


  2. I have story dreams again now that some nights I actually sleep. These happen just before I wake up, so there is some memory of it. I should write them down as they would make funny, scary, adventure stories, or movies or tv series.
    Have you tried any of the flash fiction prompts? The amount of words allowed to tell a story related to the prompt ranges from 100 to 250. Some even request no editing and/ or give you a certain number of minutes you can write when you decide to participate.
    Your thoughts and your poetry are amazing. Flash fiction, I think, is for those without patience.


      • I’ve been doing flash fiction because in writing and speaking I tend to use too many words! This form hones my writing down to what the story is really about. I’ll write a flash fiction for mlm’s menagerie.


      • So I don’t bamble so much, I’ve been using flash fiction to get to the heart of the story. Maybe some day, it will be part of a longer piece.
        I’ll do a flash fiction to one of your prompts, let’s say around 200 words.


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