Heeding Haiku with HA “Mythological Beasts”


Write a series of haiku or tanka on your chosen mythological beast. I have provided some examples below but as always you are not limited to the list. There is also no limit to the number of submissions for this prompt so have at it! Anmol is having internet problems and I was unable to locate the draft he left so I went ahead and created one.



1. Dragon

2. Phoenix

3. Unicorn

4. Scylla

5. Typhon

6. Graeae

7. Minotaur

8. Sphinx

9. Valkyrie

10. Satyr

11. Cyclops

12. Efreeti

13. Basilisk

14. Hydra

15. Kraken

16. Boogeyman

17. Selkie

18. Tengu

19. Nephilim

20 Kitsune

I could go on and on the list is huge. Why not introduce us to a lesser known creature from your own part of the world?


  1. I have no talent writing poetry.. I enjoy it but those are my limits… 😦


    • Always feel free to submit something because really this is about having fun. I struggle with some of the forms myself. I am terrible at rhyming forms, really anything that involves a conscious application of meter. For the freestyle on Sundays you don’t even have to write poetry or a story you can post photos or write a blog post on the topic.


    • On the wordles too you can write a blog post just including those words and on my photo prompt you can use the photo to inspire a discussion or alternatively you can post photos. There are also 2 prompts for story-writing. So you don’t have to write poetry for 5 of the 7 prompts


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