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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #16 – Shortfuse

This week’s challenge is a combination senseless writing, weird inspiration and hopefully, creativity.   What is the task?

The prompt for this week is to play this song:

and write while your listening:

 from the first note  to the last beat – then stop.  Whatever came to mind –  harvest the words and edit your words in any form you like and there’s your creation!

For the best results, don’t  listen to the song multiple times before setting out to write – just play it that first time while writing.

You can, of course, modify the challenge to suit your needs and if the tune turns out to be too much for you,  let me know so I can include a classical one as an extra option.

Have fun!  I’m looking forward to reading your creations!

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4 comments on “Tale Weaver’s Prompt #16 – Shortfuse

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  2. Arushi ahuja
    July 10, 2014

    What a unique prompt oloriel… Amazing…

    • Oloriel
      July 10, 2014

      Thank you, hope it inspires! If you write something, pingback so I can read 🙂

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