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Fairytale #15


Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen King

I am a book lover and there is nothing like finding a book where the author weaves words together in a way that you feel swept away in the world they created. It is truly magical.

Today I ask you to write a tale that involves finding a magical book. It could be a book of spells or maybe a porthole to another world. It is your story so write it however you want.

Write your story and then add your link below.

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“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity” – Charles Mingus

4 comments on “Fairytale #15

  1. hitandrun1964
    July 4, 2014

    it was old and beat up
    just laying there on the sidewalk
    the cover was torn and faded
    the corners frayed and threadbare
    the pages had yellowed
    become crisp and delicate with age
    there was no name or inscription on the first page
    and as I gently turned the pages
    the book whispered my name
    I knew that wasn’t possible
    book can’t talk, after all
    but I heard my name again
    louder this time
    I held the book closer to my face
    who are you
    I asked
    what do you want
    look at the date
    the book said
    with trembling fingers
    I flipped to the front
    searching for the year
    I found it and held my breath
    the book was published in 2907
    look at the name
    whispered the book
    I slammed the book shut
    and ran my thumb over my name
    welcome home
    snickered the book
    you’ve been lost
    for a very long time


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  4. phylor
    July 6, 2014

    A different sort of write about magic books. Thanks for another great prompt!


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