Prompt #62 Chi ku


Chiara Fersini

This week’s prompt is Chi ku

The literal translation of Chi ku is “eat bitterness”

It  means the ability of persons to endure hardship without becoming embittered.

“Preserving your good cheer even under the most adverse circumstances”


  1. It’s Saturday night
    and I’m stuck here
    peeling fruit
    I want to go dancing
    but no
    it’s fruit, fruit, fruit
    that’s all anyone thinks about
    well not me
    I want to be an architect
    but first I just want to go out
    and have a good time
    worst of all
    I’m allergic to fruit


  2. Great prompt, though I probably went a bit too dark for the real meaning of the term – blame it on some of the books I’m reading at the moment that are a bit nihilistic! 🙂


  3. I love love love this prompt! To me it’s about, absolutely whenever possible, not allowing anyone or anything else to set my agenda. There is always something bigger.


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