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Fairytale Prompt #13

Underwood-LightningBugs-550x550One of my most cherished memories of childhood would be the sight of  lightning bugs (or some may call them fire flies) at the beginning of summer. I still get excited when I am back home and see the beautiful flashing little “lights” dance around the yard.

It was almost a ritual on the night we first caught glimpse of the lightning bugs that we would all run inside to grab a mason jar and poke holes in the lids to create their new homes. Thankfully back then, all of our parents canned food so mason jars were always handy.

4723110966_a7e3409e54With our jars ready we would go running out into the yards and begin to catch our little friends. You do have to be patient because their glowing bodies flash. If you noticed one you would have to quietly track it because when they light went off, it was a tiny dark body hidden against a black sky. Our parents enjoyed watching us staring at a spot where we thought a lightning bug was just to see it flash back on behind us.

Most of the children would be satisfied to take their jar of light home to place in their bedrooms. I was the odd one who would take them inside, watch them in the jar to try and figure out how they worked. My mind always worried I took a child from its mother or just the basic thought they needed to fly, so I always opened the jar outside and set them free.

For todays prompt, please let these magical little creatures inspire a tale. I used to imagine this tiny little world from where they all come from made up of families and towns of their own.

Good luck and I hope this little fellow can be your muse.


Do not forget that after you write your post, add the link to your tale to the Mr Linky below. Happy “hunting”.

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4 comments on “Fairytale Prompt #13

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  2. phylor
    June 22, 2014

    I love lightening bugs light shows in the garden. I don’t remember them much as a child — we put monarch butterfly pupae and milk weed in jars, and set the butterfly lose when it had donned it’s new cloak.

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  4. phylor
    June 26, 2014

    Bastet and I had an enjoyable collaboration on The Prince and the Fireflies. We hope you enjoy our story! It may be just the beginning!

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