Fairy Tale Prompt #12


Today is not only Friday the 13th but it is also an evening that will host a full moon. For those with a superstitious mind, this is a perfect moment to create an eerie fairy tale. The only thing I ask is that you somehow write a wedding into this piece.

I once read that the honey-hued moon, which occurs in June, may be the inspiration for the term “honeymoon”. In some parts of the world June is known as the wedding month so it does seem logical.

So this week let weddings, the wondrous full moon, Friday the 13th and any superstitions that you have grown to love guide your muse this week.  Once you have written your tale, please click on Mr Linky below and add your link.



  1. humm . . . eerie weddings on a Friday the 13th (Thanks for reminding me, lol) with a full moon. Sounds like weddings on my mother’s side of the family.


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