Prompt 58 “A Necessary Change of Scenery”

This week’s prompt is a necessary change of scenery


A person left lying in the same position day after day will experience muscle wasting, edema, dermal erosion, and reduced mobility. What of their sanity? I spent a week in the hospital under monitoring with limited mobility and it nearly pushed me over the edge. What happens to our minds and souls when left to toil endlessly? We often neglect our needs to the point of physical and psychological distress. As much as we detest/resent change it is essential to our health and well-being and quite frankly unavoidable.


For this prompt these are my suggestions

What is your ideal vacation?

Changes of necessity vs changes of vanity

Life transitions

The evolution of personal relationships

Insanity (doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of different results)

Breaking free of confinements psychological or physical

A taste of independence (your first car, your first apartment, your first paycheck etc.)

If you died right now what would be left unfinished if anything? What happens next?

What could you do differently today that could have a positive effect on your present state and/or future?

What mindset does one need to reach their potential?

Obviously you don’t need to answer all these questions these are just to get you thinking. I feel like these questions are so varied that I have given you multiple prompts haha


  1. It took me a while. Divided into Act I and Act II so each would be around 450 words. Great prompt. Had fun, even if it did take me a lot of thinking time.


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