Shadorma Photo Prompt #10 – June 1, 2014


(C) Jen from Blog it or Lose it!
(C) Jen from Blog it or Lose it!

Jen tells me that this photograph was taken at the Cumberland Drive-In in Newville, Pennsylvannia.  I don’t know about you, but here are two words that shake my memory:
Cumberland – which brings me back to the third grade or so and my first American history lessons – with saratoga wagons and women in large bonnets walking down the corduroy roads made of logs (or maybe not).


Drive-in – where on a summer weekend evening, my parents loaded up the old station (a mattress laid out in the back) with kids and goodies  then off we’d go to the  movies!

The photo itself reminds of many beautiful sunsets before an evening storm … and you, what memories does this photo suggest to you?

Keeping this in mind, the shadorma theme this week is: memories.

A shadorma is composed of six non-rhyming lines (sestina or sextet) and the syllable pattern is 3-5-3-3-7-5.  It can have as many stanzas as you like, just as long as each stanza follows the syllable pattern mentioned above .  You have a week to create you poems so be patient and let the photo inspire you!  Or use your own photograph or art work!

Once you’ve written your post tag:  Shadorma and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, then put your info onto the Mr. Linky app!  If you ping me back, I’ll be able to read your post asap because I will be notified that you’ve written the post (not so with Mr. Linky)…That’s all there is to it!

See you next week and have fun!  Bastet!



  1. What a great idea! I may take a shot from my pics I was lucky to get at the river tonight. But I like the idea of drive in movies and memories…illicit or family memories…hmmmm


  2. I’m afraid drive-ins were before my time and I’ve never been to Cumberland so seeing as I can choose a photo of my own I’m going to regrettably have to pass that beautiful sky for perhaps a photo I took this week. If I ever manage to write said shadorma that is…


    • Well, it seems I answered you earlier, but the message didn’t go off! Anyway, I see you’ve linked to the prompt and you did a great job…drive-ins were just a suggestion. 🙂


  3. Hi! Weird I have followed your blog and loved your words then one day they stopped showing up on my reader. I looked and it showed I wasn’t following you? Weird


    • Now this is interesting too…I had just sent you a reply, stating that this has also happened to me and all to frequently then it just disappeared! Maybe WP has some naughty pixies.


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