Tale Weaver’s Prompt #9 – Superstition

This week, I’d like you to take a superstition and weave it into a story. How does it affect the character? Does the character believe it or tries to dismiss it? Feel free to be as creative as you want to be. There is no word limit or any other restrictions.

I would like to see and read about superstitions that are unique for your place of living, or you have heard about in your childhood. You can ofcourse stick to the classic, well-known superstitions such as the one about newly weds jumping over a bath of water for good fortune, tying a red string around the wrist of a newborn to chase demons away, throwing salt over the shoulder and etc.


Hope you have fun and can;’t wait to read the entries! 🙂


  1. Running behind with my day today, but couldn’t resist a bit of research into Swedish superstitions… Thank you for that! *smile*


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