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Shadorma Photo Prompt # 8

Hello Everyone!

Last week we looked at a shop front and I asked you about shopping…and what a wonderful response I got … here are the links so you too can easily go and have a look!

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Shop ’til we Drop! | A Glass of Bubbly

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The Book Shop | helen midgley

THE BOOKSTORE (Shadorma & Elfje) | My Silent Escapes

Addiction (Shadorma) | Black and Write

Spin the Rack! (Shadorma) | Blog It or Lose It!

The Rodovia dos Imigrantes | Rainbow

Shopping – Shadorma (Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt) ! Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library

Thank you all for your participation and for linking up!

This week  we’re going to  look at stairs again … but these are going up!



When Dante wrote his Divine Comedy, he made Hell, Purgatory and Heaven in different levels or rings.  I think, and this is just an I think, that this was because very often in Italy’s cities, the streets are connected from one level to the next by stairs…so what I want you to do is to look at these stairs and try to imagine where they’d take you…in alternative, choose one of your own photos or art work and write about it!

This week’s prompt is stairs

A shadorma is composed of six non-rhyming lines (sestina or sextet) and the syllable pattern is 3-5-3-3-7-5.  It can have as many stanzas as you like, just as long as each stanza follows the syllable pattern mentioned above .  You have a week to create you poems so be patient and let the photo inspire you!  Or use your own photograph or art work!

Once you’ve written your post tag:  Shadorma and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, then put your info onto the Mr. Linky app!  If you ping me back, I’ll be able to read your post asap because I will be notified that you’ve written the post (not so with Mr. Linky)…That’s all there is to it!

See you next week and have fun!  Bastet!

About Georgia

I love to read...I like to write...I've travelled the world and seen the sites. I'm past my prime and feel so young, especially when near the young. I'm writing this blog, to remember, to think and to share...with the hopes that someone else will make a comment that will stimulate new thoughts and pathways. Actually, I'm a gabber, so the logical extension of gabbing is blogging! ;-)

21 comments on “Shadorma Photo Prompt # 8

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  2. CC Champagne
    May 17, 2014

    This form is highly addictive… *smile* Love, love, love the prompt and also like that you’ve linked to last week’s participants so that I can catch up with those I may have missed! Brilliant! Have a great day!

    • Bastet
      May 17, 2014

      Glad you enjoyed the post and that the prompt grabbed you so quickly! I love what you’ve done with this one, brilliant to you too! And may you week be glorious!

  3. adameverhard
    May 17, 2014

    I hadn’t heard of this style before. I had fun with it! My effort is here.

    • Bastet
      May 17, 2014

      A lovely first write! Hope your fiancè finds it as lovely as I do! Thanks for linking in.

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  5. Pingback: The Stairs | helen midgley

    • Bastet
      May 18, 2014

      Great job even the second time around…thanks for adding this lovely metaphor of life’s walk! By the way…I don’t seem to have the first poem here…or were referring to last weeks prompt when you say this is your second attempt? Don’t forget Mr. Linky please.

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  8. Blog It Or Lose It
    May 19, 2014

    Hi there! I don’t think my “ping” worked – perhaps I didn’t link properly! Just in case … http://blogitorloseit.com/2014/05/18/grab-the-rails-shadorma/!

    Loved the photo Georgia 🙂

    • Bastet
      May 19, 2014

      I got the notification so it’ll probably pop up…lately I have to personally approve the links on the shadorma post…so will look into it 🙂

  9. Blog It Or Lose It
    May 19, 2014

    Oy. I’m an idiot. Found the Linky. hiding my face in shame!

    • Bastet
      May 19, 2014

      Don’t worry…I like the pings because that helps me do the round-ups a whole lot quicker…the linky doesn’t. I’ve approved the link so it’s there now 🙂

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        May 19, 2014

        Woo hoo! Thanks!

        Yeah, Linky can be a bit temperamental at times, as can Linkz.

      • Bastet
        May 19, 2014

        Sure can…but they have their usefulness…

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        May 19, 2014

        Indeed they do –!

        Have a great day – I’m off to get some sleep. 🙂

      • Bastet
        May 19, 2014

        Nioghty night!

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        May 19, 2014


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