Prompt 55 “Slowly Dawning Horror”



This week’s prompt is slowly dawning horror


You’ve made an error in judgment that will cost your life/soul

You’ve made an error in judgement that will cause harm to someone else

You’ve made an error in judgement that will cause damage to the planet or to property

It’s late your alone or are you?

You realize you’ve gambled all your money away

You realize you are about to get fired

You realize you’ve just blurted out your feelings in front of your crush

You realize you’ve been caught red-handed

These are just some examples there are many many more


  1. Been watching the original Twilight Zone every weeknight at 11:30 pm. Should put me in a good frame of mind for horror. If not, I’ll read H.P. Lovecraft again.


  2. He wore the mask
    to hide his beauty
    people reached for him
    wanting to touch
    wanting to feel
    all that he was
    he was patient
    but he was not kind
    he hadn’t asked
    for this burden
    this incredible face
    he longed to look like the others
    even as the others longed to look like him
    they didn’t know
    they couldn’t know
    the pain
    the price
    of such perfection
    even the mask
    made from plain black cloth
    had turned into something elegant
    the moment it touched his skin
    he was beauty
    that was his gift
    that was his curse
    and everyday
    he carried it
    like a heavy stone
    longing for death


  3. […] widened, “Oh, shit, my brother, Russell is at it again.” © WI, 2014/05/12 Submitted for:  For mindlovemiserysmenager Prompt # 55 Slowly dawning horror. This occured at a campground my family went to as a teen situated on Isle La Motte on Lake […]


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