Fairytale Prompt #7

I would like to start by saying thank you to our prompt site hostess, Yves, for filling in for me last week. A week ago I was undergoing a hysterectomy and kinda not in a good place to write a prompt.  I was only awake enough to say more than, “my back”, “my stomach hurts” or “I need heat pad”.

Onto this weeks fairytale prompt…..

Fairytales often use mirrors in their stories.  Personally….mirrors are a strange thing to me and I don’t even have one in my bedroom. When I was a little girl, an elder within my families tribe told me how mirrors actually reveal more than we can “see”. So I challenge you to use a mirror in your tale. Will it have a voice speaking to you like in Snow White or can you step through it to another world?  Open up your wonderful imaginations and see where the looking glass takes you……

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  1. I hope you are feeling better! Having had both my ovaries removed, I understand the limited vocabulary that kind of surgery brings. So, you have all my good wishes on that.
    If you don’t already (and I know you aren’t necessarily!) feel better, I hope you do soon.
    Hummm, mirrors — I’ll try not to write one too much like others on the subject I’ve done. Good prompt, and Yves did a great job as guest host.


    • Thank you. I am just now starting to feel normal once more. I lost everything except my ovaries but they decided to sleep and heal. 🙂
      Write whatever you like 🙂
      I now need to get energy to write once more. lol


  2. Hello Anja…I’m so happy you’re doing better. It’s not easy to get through these operations and feel in form very quickly.
    Mirrors are a great opening to a fairy tale…and can be creepy at times too. I felt that your prompt opened prospects to write a series…at least I hope it’ll be a series. Thanks for the great prompt!
    All the best to you and a big hug!
    As well as a special thanks to Yves who’s always ready to support us!


    • Ohhhh a series? I will be very interested in that. I am doing better, feeling more like me. Now I just need energy. lol


      • I hope that it develops…I already know the next step, but can’t tell where the story will go.
        I hope you will soon find your energy again, I do know it’s feels frustrating as the days stretch out. I do so wish I could send you energy, but I can send you,

        All best wishes, Georgia.


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