Fairytale Prompt #6


In the movie Frozen princess Elsa has a power that she is made to repress by well-meaning, albeit fearful and misguided, parents. Her gift both isolates and alienates her. It’s not until the very end of the film that she starts to embrace her power without guilt/desperation. Individuals have been denied education if they managed to obtain an education despite exclusion they had to take great care not to express their abilities in front of the “wrong” audience. When I studied Nutrition we had a number of classes dedicated to circumventing doctor’s egos. For example all our suggestions had to be worded such that the attending physician would believe the idea was their own! We were not allowed to take credit for our ideas and we absolutely were not allowed to directly question the attending physician. Your challenge this week is to explore the taboo world of gifts. The curse in genius if you will. The secrecy that accompanies talent and the reasons why society disparages certain gifts and certain people from expression.


      • I do too. It’s just we never go to movies anymore. So, once it’s been on tv, we can comment on how good it is. Like Wall-E, Ratatouille, Despicable Me (the first, haven’t seen the 2nd) and older ones too, like Roger Rabbit. We don’t have high level cable, so we don’t get the movie channels, either. Oh yes, and the Narnia pictures (we haven’t managed the JRR Tolkien ones yet — hubby too much into the books).


      • I love those! TV sucks here haha We get shows years after. Sometimes we go to the movies it is expensive but as a treat and really we only see the kid movies now days


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