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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #4 “Zeus the Unfaithful”




Those familiar with Greek mythology are well-aware of Zeus’ romantic indiscretions. For this week you are to assume one of 3 roles Zeus, the jealous wife Hera, or one of Zeus’ unwitting conquests.


If you are Zeus here are some topics to consider

Describe the object of your affection

Describe your method of seduction

Describe your strategies to keep Hera from uncovering your illicit activities

Describe your punishment if caught

Does Hera punish your lover how so?

Does the tryst produce offspring? If so are you able to keep them safe from Hera’s wrath? Provided they survive what kind of person do they become? Do they have any special abilities?


If you are Hera here are some topics to consider

Describe your rival

How do you discover the affair?

What do you do in response to the affair?

Be detailed about both your feelings and about the methods of vengeance employed

Include a scene of confrontation with one or both of the involved parties

Keep in mind that Hera is extremely jealous and even if innocent she often punishes Zeus’ victims/conquests ruthlessly.


If you are the unwitting victim here are some topics for consideration

How does Zeus appear to you?

Do you resist or are you taken with him right away? If you resist what is the result?

Does the affair produce offspring?

Do you ever discover your lover’s true identity?

Do any tragedies befall you or your child following the affair?

Does Zeus take a keen interest in your child?

Does your child demonstrate any peculiar talents/abilities?

Are you forced to live in exile because of Hera?


You are welcome to retell/modernize an existing myth or if you prefer weave a fictional tale around Zeus and Hera

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  4. phylor
    April 18, 2014

    Some times I have trouble with mr. linky so here’s my story: http://phylor.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/mindlovemiserys-menagerie-tale-weavers-prompt-4-httpzeus-wordpress-com-httphera-wordpress-com/
    What might happen if a bored student in class thought about Zeus and Hera. Great prompt — lots of thinking when in to it! My response was no where near that kind of thought!

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