Prompt 51 Complete Bafflement


Nicoletta Ceccoli

Today’s prompt is complete bafflement


This to me this goes beyond simple confusion. This is when you can’t even form a coherent question about the problem or situation at hand because it is completely incomprehensible. Ever try to describe such a situation? By their very nature such events allude all concrete and coherent explanation so by the mere act of trying to define them you only exacerbate your sense of bewilderment!


Some things to consider

Falling in love

Language barriers when visiting another country

Lectures that go way above your head

Waking up after an extended period of unconsciousness

Encountering an alien or supernatural being (a prophet for example might be very confused by a vision)

Encountering an unfamiliar species of animal

Witnessing a rite of passage (different cultures can sometimes have very different rituals and customs)

Visiting another planet

Learning a new skill

Interacting with a new and/or unfamiliar  technology

Time travel

Visiting another dimension

Magic Acts

Scientific discoveries (here’s a recent one)

All forms of expression are accepted


  1. Love it – I went for silly and light, which is unusual for me, LOL, but I’d found the picture earlier in the day and it just seemed to fit, allowing me some un-characteristic whimsy! 🙂 🙂


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