Fairytale Prompt #3

Photo by Anja......Oh Pithy Me
Photo by Anja……Oh Pithy Me

I grew up listening to many tales and folklores. I had a mix of German stories thanks to my Mom, Cherokee tales because of my father and sprinkled on top were many local thoughts of the area I grew up. I lived in a very small, country town in Ohio with a population of 3000 people. We are actually considered a village and it was founded in a valley. There are two ways out of town and both you have to go up hill….really.

The town was surrounded by forests and I lived on a dead end road. There were maybe 10 hours on my street and it ended at the edge of the woods. Of course that meant I spent a lot of times playing in the woods with my friends. Our imaginations were allowed to become more real when we played in the trees and created our own special spots.

One thing I have always loved to do is to find dandelions and make wishes. There are many folklores about dandelions and I will share a few….

One of course is the basic wish. I believe the best tried and true method is holding the dandelion, turn so the breeze will carry the wishes (seeds), think about what you truly desire, blow with all you have and then stand there while the wishes float away. The standing there at the end is the most special part because I would dream about how far my wish could travel.

Then you have the thought that when you blow on the dandelion, how many seeds remain is how many years you have left to live. That is where we get the term dandelion clock. The dandelion flower opens an hour after sunrise and closes at dusk giving rise to the belief that it is a ‘Shepherd’s clock’.

Finally….one I just adore…..if you are apart from the one you love, a dandelion can help you send that special someone your thoughts and feelings. You face the direction of where your loved one is located, hold the dandelion and you charge each seed with all your thoughts and feelings, then you blow and the wind will carry your love to them. If you want to know if they are thinking of you, blow once more and if one single aigrette is left….that means you have not been forgotten. Lovely, right?

Okay….so my friends…..it is all about dandelions…..whether it be wishes, how many years you have left to live or let your own creative minds come up with another tale. Take a deep breathe and let your imagination float upon the wind and see where it will rest.

After you write your fairytale on your blog, come back here and link it so everyone can enjoy your story.

I wish I may, I wish I might……..have this wish I wish tonight…..


  1. Not quite sure whether this constitutes a fairytale, but it is about imagination and unreal creatures in a way.
    What an impressive undertaking: a prompt a day. and I also like the advance notice, which will make entries more considered.


    • I’m looking forward to reading your entry. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit into the classic thought of a fairy tale. Here we are open to different views and prefer to give people artistic freedom. 🙂
      I am a little confused by your last sentence. Are you asking for advance notice what each prompt suggestion will be before the day we send out the post?


  2. I’m afraid you would be able to make several wishes in my front yard right about now! My dandelion digger and I have an appointment …


  3. I didn’t know the lore about dandelion seeds; it was interesting to read how much meaning the seeds had.
    Great prompt and thanks for sharing the dandelion stories. My father paid be a cent a dandelion that I dug out of the lawn. So, I always looked forward to the seeds fluttering down on to the grass by our house, lol


  4. This is interesting. Is it odd I still blow on dandelions and make wishes when I see them? I never heard the part about how many seeds are left on your dandelion is how many years you have left to live. And to think all this time, for some reason, I’ve been desperately blowing them all off so I wouldn’t leave anything on there. Well, shoot.


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