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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #3 “Vurt”


This week’s prompt is Vurt


As many of you are probably unfamiliar with the novel Vurt by Jeff Noon (which is a shame) I will begin by explaining what Vurt is


Vurt is a hallucinogenic drug/shared alternate reality, accessed by sucking on colour-coded feathers. Through some (never explained) mechanism, the dreams, mythology, and imaginings of humanity have achieved objective reality in the Vurt and become “real”.


Boy is that ever a mouthful


Blue Feathers- Are the only legal feathers. They contain pleasurable PG experiences. Things like scuba diving, wind-surfing, picnics on a sunny day etc. These feathers are completely safe. Potential names for blue feathers “Milk and Cookies” “Wind-surfing” “A Day in Paris”

Pink Feathers- Are pornovurts which need no explanation haha. You are welcome to write a racy sexual scenarios if you like but please provide ratings for graphic submissions. Names for pink feathers might include things like “Strip Tease” “Whipped Cream” “Erotic Asphyxiation”

Black Feathers- Are the equivalent of a bad trip on LSD. They produce uncomfortable and negative experiences. Black feathers have names like “The Hanging Tree” “The Screaming Clown Brigade” “Trapped at the Asylum”.

Yellow Feathers or “Curious Yellows”- Are the most complex of the feathers. Their names do not necessarily reflect the experience. They are like a game if you win you exit the experience if you lose you remain trapped within the virtual world. “Godhead” “A Planeswalker’s Guide to Purgatory” “Methuselah’s Labyrinth”

There are more feathers in the book stripped and polka dotted all sorts. I can’t remember them all but these are the basics. I will give you 2 more which may or may not be accurate.

Purple- I will class as supernatural/magical experiences. “Summer Solstice” “Fire Dancer” “Blood Pledge”

Green- I will class as spiritual/existential experiences. “Under the Bodhi Tree” “Honey with Pooh Bear” “Tai Chi on the Beach”


When a feather has been used up it turns cream


Your job is to choose a color and create an experience.

Title your story using the name you’ve assigned your feather. The names for the feathers are pretty strait-forward for all but the yellow feathers. You can use the names I have provided as inspiration or you can create your own.

If you choose a yellow feather there must be some type of quest or objective. How does one win?


Write from the perspective of a user. When in the virtual world it becomes your reality I am talking complete absorption.


There is no limit on length this time and no limit on submissions

About mindlovemisery

Music: PJ Harvey, Radio Head, Fleetwood Mac, David Usher/Moist, Johnny Cash, Portishead, Damien Rice (basically I am a 90s kid I like alternative, grunge, Industrial and other types of metal, oldies, punk, rock etc.) Authors: Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, Edmund White, Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carrol, Jeff Noon, etc. Movies: A Clock Work Orange, Fight Club, House of Flying Daggers (I like a lot of cult movies, horror, comedy, drama, I don't like action and fantasy is terrifying lol) Philosophical Beliefs: Buddhism, Daoism, Shintoism (before it changed under Nationalism), The Transcendent Order Favorite Video Game: Planescape Torment What I do: read, write, yoga, pilates, weight-lift, walk, study philosophy and psychology, dance like a crazy person, paint, dream etc. Qualities: stubborn, sarcastic, teasing, playful, open, flirtatious, eccentric, passionate, forgetful, open-minded.

22 comments on “Tale Weaver’s Prompt #3 “Vurt”

  1. bgbowers
    April 10, 2014

    This is curious & fabulous. I might have to try!

    • mindlovemisery
      April 10, 2014

      Please do! I would love love to read yours =) I am working on mine for tomorrow as we speak.

      • bgbowers
        April 10, 2014


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  4. SusannaAntihero
    April 10, 2014

    I think I’m going to have to find this book and read it now.

  5. Blog It Or Lose It
    April 11, 2014

    This looks interesting — at first I thought, “um, I’m not so sure I want to try this one” – but on second thought it looks like it could be very rewarding. BTW, I’ve ordered the book. 🙂

    • mindlovemisery
      April 11, 2014

      I look forward to it Jen your entries are always exceptional =) You mean Vurt? That’s Awesome!

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        April 11, 2014

        You are so kind 🙂

        Yup — bought Vurt tonight. Looking forward to it!

      • mindlovemisery
        April 11, 2014

        I hope you enjoy it =)

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        April 11, 2014

        I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        April 11, 2014

        Have you ever read China Mieville? If you’re ever looking to do another literary prompt, he’d be *great*. His Bas-Lag series (Perdido Street Station, The Scar, Iron Council) has a wealth of topics to explore.

      • mindlovemisery
        April 11, 2014

        I haven’t I will have to look into it XD

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        April 11, 2014

        From what I’ve seen of your writing so far, I think you might like Mieville’s Bas-Lag trio. His style is called “New Weird” by some … no kidding … it’s a strange mix of fantasy/sci fi/ speculative fiction/ horror/ left-wing politics. Hard to describe, really. If you do venture into Mieville I’d recommend Perdido Street Station.

      • mindlovemisery
        April 12, 2014

        I will definitely look it up because I love weird haha I hope I can find it for E-reader

      • mindlovemisery
        April 13, 2014

        Just found it for E-Reader will start reading haha

  6. Blog It Or Lose It
    April 15, 2014

    Do we have a few more days yet? Mine is scheduled for tomorrow but I want to make sure I don’t miss the link-up. 🙂

    • mindlovemisery
      April 15, 2014

      You do but no matter when you submit I will always read and comment XD

      • Blog It Or Lose It
        April 15, 2014

        Thanks! I worry about missing the deadlines. Vurt poem coming out soon; it’s *slightly* different than the prompt directions but I had to follow the muse where she led me. (That naughty muse!) Hope you’ll understand! o.O

        Wordle coming out the following day.

        Phew! Busy evening!


        Thank you for being so understanding!

      • mindlovemisery
        April 15, 2014

        That you are inspired is really the objective of prompts I am not stickler for rules just so you are having fun XD I look forward to them both!

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