Heeding Haiku With HA: To Touch Upon The Peace

While some consider haiku a tribute to the spirituality that is nature, I think that haiku, like any other poetry, is a way of finding a road into the symmetries of nature  that goes through our asymmetrical selves; and as we amble on this road, we find, if not spirituality, then at least peace.

This week, I want you to embrace peace. Go on and remember all those moments when you were really at peace, whether it was while lying beneath the blanket of star-lit sky or when you had an emotional connection and communication with a dear friend.

Give words to those moments, make them tangible.

Just remember that haiku is a very short poem. Otherwise, you may or may not follow these three basic rules:-

1. 3 lines, patterned in a syllable structure of 5-7-5.

2. The words do not rhyme.

3. Use of kigo/season word to refer to all those glorious seasons, which the nature has bestowed upon us.

I know I have been delaying in talking about tanka. Though I have written them in the past and know the basic structure, I have yet to research on their history and how they came out to be. Hope you will be patient with me as we focus on haiku writing again this week.

Buying leeks

and walking home

under the bare trees.

-Buson, translated by Robert Haas

tackling traffic

and greeting my every step

with a smile

-Anmol, no translation needed

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Good day to you and happy writing. 🙂

*And yes, I did rhyme. 😉

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