Tale Weaver’s Prompt #2 – The Guessing Game


Painting by: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Welcome to the Short Story prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie! Last week, we were intertwining Reality and Fiction. The responses were a delight to read!

For this weeks prompt, your task is:

You are a vegetable or a fruit that can speak. Present yourself to us in an abstract way, by giving hints and clues to your color, shape, taste, smell. Succumb to wittiness andtrickery, and don’t tell us who you are! Your story should be decipherable – we need to guess which fruit or veggie you decided to write about.

Word limit: 300 words

If by any chance your inspiration and creative genious take you beyond this number – we salute it and welcome it!

Now, let’s get writing!


  1. I wrote something for fun but not posting to my blog…so not linking up. But here ya go 🙂

    Am I vegetable or am I fruit?

    I know but I’m not telling…

    pink and purple, black and white

    You can eat me raw,

    cooked or dried

    Red and yellow, orange and green

    Some southern folk

    like the latter fried

    People used to think I was poisonous as it does run in the family

    but that would have been the ruin of Italy 😉


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