Assistance Needed


I am looking for individuals willing to assist with my new prompt site. Ideally I would be in charge of Sunday Monday and Tuesday.

I would like someone for

Wednesday’s Haiku/Tanka Share

Thursday’s Short Story Share

Friday’s Fairytale Share

Saturday’s Shadorma Share

If you agree to help I will add you as an author. I will host all the challenges until which time I acquire recruits.

EDIT: I have filled these roles the current schedule looks like so

Monday- Wordle (hosted by Yves)

Tuesday- Photo Prompt (hosted by Yves)

Wednesday- Haiku/Tanka (hosted by Anmol)

Thursday- Short Stories (hosted by Oloriel)

Friday- Fairytales (hosted by Anja)

Saturday- Shadorma (hosted by Bastet)

Sunday- Freestyle (hosted by Yves)


  1. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. But I hope I can join in the prompts. Ok to reblog this site? Another avenue for everyone. And there might be some people who would know how to help. πŸ˜‰ x


  2. Reblogged this on scottishmomus and commented:
    A wonderful blogger I follow
    is starting up a new site with prompts for all sorts of bloggers. She’s also looking for some help in facilitating the site. I haven’t got a clue but maybe there are some who have?
    There will be prompts for photographers/artists as well as poets and writers of various genre including children’s stories.
    It’s the start of a new venture and another avenue with opportunities to extend readership as well as tackle new and old styles.
    It’s just beginning so it would be lovely to be in at the start of a promising new opportunity.
    Her header is “We’re all out there, somewhere, waiting to happen.”
    It says a lot about who she is and her outlook on life.


  3. I don’t know if you could fit me on anything from the list, but do let me know πŸ˜€
    Id be msot happy assisting with anything darkish, mythology, fantasy or picture association related πŸ˜€


  4. Hey, wish you all the best for your new prompt site.
    I would like to help – though, I don’t know for which day I would be helpful to you. I may fit for thursday but you should better check stories I write, ;P it may be not to your taste/blend. (
    I recently changed my theme- so it needs some work. I was busy for some time but I am making a comeback to blogging. Hope it works. πŸ˜€


    • Hi Praveen =) I have asked someone to host on Thursday so I must see first if she is available. Thank you so much for the offer! I hope to see you at prompt and we would love to see your stories! Thursday is the day to submit stories, Fridays we will do fairytales.


  5. Would you like to host the challenge? If so I need your email to invite you to author. If you don’t want to post your email here I have provided mine below. Basically you’d come up with the theme each week and make the weekly post. If ever there was a week you were unavailable just give me a little notice and I would host it for you during absences

    My email is


  6. I’m not sure how to host a prompt (I hosted a blog carnival once), and it looks like you’ve found hosts for the 2 I might be able to help with (as a fill-in, I’m not sure I can commit to a weekly gig). Should Anja need a hand with the fairy tales (if you don’t mind, Anja!), I might be able to help there.


  7. Reblogged this on Phylor's Blog and commented:
    Mindlovemisery is launching a new prompt site with each day of the week having a particular theme.
    She is looking for some assistance in terms of hosts, and of course, she is looking for participants, too!
    I’ve been constructing some sort of novella around her Sunday prompts. Now, it looks like I’ll have a fairy tale short story novella (with no haikus I’m afraid)


  8. PS: I reblogged your post, adding that you were looking for “hosts” and of course “participants.” Good luck (I sent you an email)


  9. Love love love this…onespot to get lots of challenges!! It is great on my tablet and laptop…just pale on my smartphone. You are so organized as well. This iss great!!


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